Oil painting gives one time to think - perhaps more than any other medium.  It enables you to reflect and to develop the picture plane in your own time. With its deep, gleaming surfaces, oil paint has proven itself to be the most sought-after medium.

Flower studies, for example, are not only a favourite of artists, but also bring joy to the lives of many people.

The joy of walking in the garden and becoming aware of the colours and smells around you serves as a prelude to creating something of which you can become part. The creation never ceases to create – through me, through you and through our complete awareness of it.

Still lifes are another development in the creative process, through which you as artist can invite the viewer to see how you experience things and become part of it.

The warm colours of landscapes and the unashamed fiery red of the horizon at sunset are colour experiences involving our whole being and all our senses.

Different techniques can be used in oil pant. Master these techniques by following in the footsteps of the old masters.
• Learn how to mix oil paints and to prepare the picture plane.
• Do portraits, landscapes, figure painting and still lifes.