The popularity of this old technique never wanes. Due to its gleaming surfaces and depth, oil paint has remained the most popular medium throughout the ages. Thanks to the development of new technologies, soluble oil can now be mixed with pigment. Artists who were unable to use oil paint before because of its chemical ingredients, can now do so.

A variety of techniques can be used in oil painting. Come and master these techniques by following in the footsteps of the old masters.

• Discover colour, and learn how to mix colours and oils.
• Find out how to treat the picture plane.
• Apply your new-found knowledge in practice, both in the studio and in the open air.
• Learn how to paint portraits.
• Discover the joy of landscape painting.
• Come and master figure painting.
• Explore still lifes.
• Study the relevant art history.
After completing the basic, introductory course, students are transferred to the general art class.